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Get Permanent Access to All 30 Life Practice Room Special Instruction Workshops, 18 Unified Mindfulness Technique Instruction Hours,  2 "AMAs" (Ask Me Anything) with Shinzen Young, and The Daily Unpacks with Julianna Raye...

That's over 50 hours of mindfulness training!

You asked, and we listened.  

The #1 Immersion request we get every year is access to the Life Practice Room (LPR) recordings, and we certainly understand why.   With 20 hours of LPR programming every day, it's basically impossible to attend every Life Practice Room session.  And with the Retreat Room open 24 hours a day throughout Immersion, you're forced to make decisions that lead to you missing parts of the Immersion experience.

Well, not anymore!

This year we're proud to offer you the Life Practice Room recordings.  You'll get all 30 specialized training sessions, 18 hours of Unified Mindfulness technique instruction,  2 "AMAs" (Ask Me Anything) with Shinzen Young, and The Daily Unpacks with Julianna Raye!  

With the LPR recordings, you get the freedom to dive into a more formal retreat experience (if that interests you), or rewatch sessions that were especially meaningful to you...any time you like.

There is one caveat...

Immersion is a 100% live event.  This means, of course, that these recordings are not ready for you yet (because we are still recording them live!)   We anticipate it will take about a week after Immersion 2023 wraps up before we'll have these ready for you.  We'll keep you posted as the timeline progresses and promise to get them to you quickly.

100% of UM's Proceeds Go to the Unified Mindfulness Scholarship Fund. We are also proud to announce that in this collaboration with UM teachers, 50% from the sale of these Life Practice Room recordings will go directly to our teachers for all of their hard work, and the other 50% will go directly to the Unified Mindfulness Scholarship Fund. Shinzen and Julianna have donated their time. This means your purchase will acknowledge UM teachers for the benefits you have received (and will continue to), while also supporting UM learners who need your assistance. And your purchase not only supports our teachers, current and future, but also the relief, fulfillment, growth, and learning of everyone they may teach over the course of their lifetime! 

The Immersion 2023 Life Practice Sessions - Just $97

The Immersion 2023 Life Practice Room Sessions:

Sharing the Gift: Relational Mindfulness in Everyday Life

Marcy Crawford

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Have you been amazed at the positive impact of mindfulness practice in your life? Have you been wondering how to share these benefits most effectively with others? In this workshop based on the principles of Embodied Teaching - an innovative, practical approach to relational mindfulness - you’ll learn strategies that can benefit anyone and everyone with whom you interact. You’ll leave with tools you can implement everywhere from the dinner table to the classroom to the workplace.

Meet Anxiety Mindfully with Unified Mindfulness and Move from Angst to Equanimity

Brian Dower and Sita Packer

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Brian and Sita have experienced anxiety in their lives, and they will share how they have met, opened to, and dealt with anxiety using UM techniques, and how this has opened the door to greater freedom. They hope you leave this workshop knowing: 1) that they too have suffered from anxiety and are able to use Unified Mindfulness techniques successfully to find relief; 2) what techniques and strategies they have found most effective for themselves; and 3) that we are not alone and that meditation can be of great benefit as a standalone strategy or in conjunction with medication and/or psychotherapy.

Mind the Eating Gaps: Mindfully Reshaping Your Relationship with Food

Brendalyn Batchelor, Maureen Whatley, and Nicholas Spyker

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Imagine more thoroughly enjoying the sensory experience of eating by being more present, having clarity with how and why you eat, and inducing equanimity to overcome cravings. Come and explore how UM practices can support you in decreasing suffering while increasing fulfillment by more fully enjoying what you eat and how you eat it. We will share a variety of skills, techniques and strategies to support you in reshaping your relationship with food. Join us and experientially taste-test samples from our menu.

Bring Your Vision to Life: Mindfully Unlock Creativity, Authenticity, and Flow

Campbell Miller and Jessica Lipman

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In order to be truly creative and to explore authentically in life and business, we need to have the capacity to emotionally regulate, feel safe, and be self-led. Otherwise, we may not be resourced enough to take meaningful risks, which can lead to stall-outs and a lack of fulfillment. In this workshop, we will share a UM approach to accessing greater creativity, feeling rooted and secure, and to tuning into the power of imagination in a healing and expansive way. This approach is informed by UM, attachment theory/repair and parts work, designed for moving beyond inner blockages and achieving goals.

Aging with Insight

Bill Tullock MD and Joseph Bogorad PhD

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Think of aging as an opportunity for psycho-spiritual growth. We invite you to join us to explore some mindfulness practices that lead toward liberating insights to diminish the suffering associated with sickness, old age, and death and achieve happiness independent of conditions.

Meditation in Noisy and Active Environments

Jeremy Toole

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Finding a quiet place to meditate can be challenging, especially with kids, pets, spouses, noisy neighbors, and traffic outside. So instead, how can we find a way to practice while in active environments with "distractions" all around? Well, maybe things normally considered “distractions“ can be integrated into the practice and/or infused with rest. In this session we will explore the concepts of turning toward, anchoring away, and developing equanimity—in regard to meditating in noisy and active environments—so that we can continue our practice despite the sensory challenges around us.

Just Breathe: Using Simple Breathwork to Find Rest, Flow and More!

Patrick O’Connell and Shannon Sponagle

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Using the breath as a focus in meditation is an ancient practice with roots in many different traditions. Now modern science is uncovering the ways in which breathwork can improve physical and mental health. Yoga & Unified Mindfulness teachers, Patrick and Shannon, will be exploring breathwork through the UM lens of Concentration, Sensory Clarity and Equanimity. Join in for a playful exploration of different breathing techniques to see if there’s one that might enhance your meditation practice. All are welcome. No breathwork experience necessary.

Emotional Empowerment Toolkit: Unlocking the Power of Mindfulness to Cultivate Emotional Balance and Well-Being

Deepak Iyer, Kata Czéh, and Sarah Baker Andrus

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If you've ever found yourself reacting to overwhelming emotions in unskillful ways, or wishing you'd had the presence to handle a difficult situation differently this workshop is for you. We will introduce you to Unified Mindfulness techniques and skillful special exercises to help you manage a variety of emotions as they arise. One key is to use mindfulness strategies to “practice” dealing with emotional reactivity. This is just like practicing for a recital or an athletic event. The preparation we will discuss can help you build new muscles to skillfully manage difficult, pleasant and unpleasant emotions in the moment.

"Are You Really Listening?” - Applying Mindfulness in How We Listen to Others

Preethi Balan and Gunjan Kapoor

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Listening has two purposes – to take in information but also to bear witness to another’s experience. In this workshop we’ll explore Unified Mindfulness techniques that can expand our capacity to listen beyond the surface, embracing both active reception of information and the nurturing presence needed to honor others' stories and emotions.

Working Through Stress and Burnout with Mindfulness, Sound, and Nature

Maureen Whatley

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Let's face it - we can get stressed out! People across the world are burned out, exhausted, overwhelmed and depressed. Burnout isn't new, so why is it an issue? And what can we do about it? In this session, Maureen will discuss how burnout can lead to declining health and wellbeing. To provide relief, we can turn to our Mindfulness Meditation practice paired with sound and vibrational therapies and connecting in nature. We will explore how sound and nature are natural healers for the body and mind and go hand-in-hand with UM techniques. We will practice a couple of UM techniques that participants can then use in their daily life.

Finding Refuge in the Storm: Using Meditation for Relief from Chronic Pain

Janis Underwood and Tanya Mahar

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Living with chronic pain can take the sense of okayness out of daily life, making it hard to find tranquility and ease amidst discomfort. In this workshop, we'll share insights, practice strategies, and meditation techniques to help inspire you to create your own place of refuge filled with resilience, solace, and stillness.

The Deep End: Insight and Awakening in Unified Mindfulness

Arun Srinivasan, and Marcy Crawford

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In this workshop, UM teachers will explain both where traditional awakening practices fit into ULTRA, and the relationship between technique & experience (i.e., how deep experience can happen with any technique). The panelists will briefly cover UMs accessibility to all levels of practitioners, accelerators, and practice strategies as they relate to windows of opportunity and strange phenomena. We'll also reserve time for Q&A, during which panelists will respond to questions about the Unified Mindfulness system as it relates to this topic and panelists' own personal experience.

Flow in Your Body Opens Your Mind

Huaying Zhang

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While more and more people found the fascinating connection between our body and mind, mastering the interaction between the two is an art that can be learned. This art is both helpful for improving our mental capacity for both logical thinking and compassionate relating, and it is fundamental in health improvement. During the session, you will learn both the reason for learning such an art and practice a See Hear Feel, Feel Rest and Feel Flow sequence to gain access to the dance of your body and mind.

Death & Mindfulness

Bob Chiang

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Sharing my experience as an End of Life doula and how I use Mindfulness working with those at the end of life (both for myself and for others), and an experiential visualization piece toward the end working with the inner See Hear Feel of our own death.

UM and the Enneagram

Sunday Cote

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UM practices based on Enneagram Type and Centers of Intelligence. Even if a person doesn't know their type or understand it, it's still useful for anyone who wants to understand how to tailor their UM practice according to the three centers of intelligence of head, heart, and body.

Do Dogs have Buddha Nature? - Mindfulness with Animals

Campbell Miller and Jade Zhang

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Tap into mindfulness with pets, wildlife, or your favorite animals to experience more joy, love, passion, and vitality. We’ll try some short fun practices and give you ideas for how to craft your own practice with animals in your life.

Meditators Without Borders: The Interspirituality of Unified Mindfulness

Brendalyn Batchelor and Jane Spencer

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Unified Mindfulness is a science-based secular system of meditation, but all UM techniques are derivations of contemplative practices from around the world; many are from religious traditions. UM ‘s eclectic, inclusive system welcomes meditators from none and all spiritual and religious faith traditions and invites you to simply come as you are! Join us in this session to celebrate diversity of practice, discover the flexibility of UM techniques, and experience a guided practice showcasing this diversity and flexibility.

Your Next Bold Move: How to Mindfully Navigate Career Transitions and Entrepreneurship with Steady Momentum

Jessica Lipman and Sarah Baker Andrus

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In this workshop, we’ll share how to navigate professional life powered by mindfulness (whether you’re at a career transition or wanting to skillfully navigate your growth edge as an entrepreneur).
We’ll dive into: How to discern if it’s time to make a job or career transition? How to mindfully overcome fears and doubts about making changes (and what it takes to make that next big move truly empowered)? How to root into your career vision, self-clarity, and gain more momentum? How

Mindfulness in Relationship: Nurturing Harmony, Love, and Authentic Connections

Deepak Iyer, Madhusree Dasgupta, and Uday Khedkar

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The role of mindfulness in creating nurturing and sustaining resonant relationships.

Emotional Regulation and Nurturing Positivity: Working with Tough Feelings Through Self-Observation

Kasia Haftek-Lis and Samala DeLeon

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Discover Self-Compassion and Self-Understanding. Explore your thoughts, images, and emotions. Cultivate equanimity and find greater happiness by gaining insight into your inner world. Replace negativity and nurture positivity by identifying negative self-talk and challenging emotions. Let's begin this transformative journey together.

Mindful Parenting: From Toddlers to Teens

Erin McCarthy, Gill Bisdee, and Zarko Zunko

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In this workshop we will explore ways to find your calm and keep your cool when your kids are getting on your last nerve! The workshop will focus on practices that you can, with a bit of practice, easily do in the moment. Each panelist will explain and present one technique and lead the brief practice as well. There will be time for Q&A but the focus will be on learning how to integrate practices into daily life for parents.

Nurture Positive: Using Archetypes to Overcome Adversity, Increase Confidence and Wisdom, and Experience More Joy

Kelly Barron and Ralph Andradez

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Imagine if you could access positive qualities such as confidence, wisdom, or joy on demand. In this engaging and experiential program, you'll learn how to use Nurture Positive practices to create and draw upon universal archetypes to empower and uplift yourself. You'll also learn how archetypes or frameworks organized around behaviors and personas can become part of your ongoing mindfulness practice, helping you overcome adversity, cultivate greater equanimity, and even have more fun.

Noting Level of Experience to Help with Overwhelm

Avery Argenna

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In this session, I will guide participants in how to use the UM special exercise "Note Level of Experience" as a simplified way to practice with overwhelm related to physical or emotional pain, or ruminating thoughts.

UM Techniques During Health Challenges, Illness and Pain

Maureen Whatley

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In times of health challenges and pain, we can turn to our mindfulness meditation practices for support. Maureen is a two-time breast cancer survivor and has had a number of other physical illnesses and pain over the past 10 years. Doctors and hospitals, scans, tests, physical therapy and health evaluations are opportunities to practice different types of techniques. Maureen will share Unified Mindfulness Techniques as strategies to deal with health related situations and find relief. Come ready to practice and be inspired to practice during illness, pain or health challenges.

On The Road Again: Surmounting Obstacles to Self-Compassion

Candice Bernes and Sharon Barb O’Connor

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Imagine self-compassion as a road. That road is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Sometimes, though, we encounter roadblocks to our self-compassion. If we encounter them often enough, we may even come to believe that access to our self-compassion is limited, conditional, or not available at all. Roll up your sleeves, because Sharon and Candice are here to do the heavy lifting with you! Through 3 guided mindfulness practices, you will explore strategies to move through the obstacles and uncover the self-compassion that is always there, within you. There will be time after the practices for discussion and Q&A.

Embracing Uncertainty

Ghoot Emaho

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Simple practical exploration of See Hear Feel embracing “don’t know.” Utilizing the natural label-less presence of sensory experience and the unburdening effect of self-honesty to support the relaxation of the habitual resistance of life. Noticing the difference between our internal descriptions of experience and the experiences helps cultivate clarity. Acknowledging with honesty how we relate to our experience helps nurture equanimity. Embracing both with “don’t know” opens us to a sense of wonder.

Non-Duality in Leadership - The Power of Self Inquiry

Uday Khedkar

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This workshop will look at the power that becomes available to a leader if she/he abides as awareness. Based on ancient teachings of Advaita/Non-Duality the practical application of Self Inquiry in day to day life will be explored.

Cultivating Resilience: Mindfulness Techniques and Strategies for Caregivers

Erin McCarthy, Tanya Mahar, and Trea Drake

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Stepping into the role of caregiver in any capacity can be both deeply rewarding and incredibly challenging. Tanya, Trea, and Erin will share how certain techniques and strategies have helped them navigate the complexities of providing care to aging parents. Guided practice will be offered to support calm and emotional well-being, as well as an opportunity for discussion and Q&A.

Do Nothing, Simply Being

Ralph Andradez

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A deep dive on the Do Nothing technique using the six nails of Tilopa in the guidance.

Ride the Wave: Carrying Practice from Retreat into Everyday Life 🏄

Chad Frisk, Janis Underwood, and Kristen Del Simone

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Immersion may be over but practice doesn’t have to end here. Looking for ways to keep up your practice post retreat? Wondering how to make it stick? Join us as we explore some fun and easy ways to make mindfulness practice a part of your daily life.

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