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Course Details
Foundations of Unified Mindfulness
Tuition:  $997 
Level:  This program is perfect for all experience levels
Setting: 100% Online
Money Back Guarantee
All of UM's training program are backed by our 30 day money back guarantee.
This course provides a really thorough grounding in the Unified Mindfulness system for both meditators and those wishing to teach.

The syllabus and structure is very good and progressive. You do actually have to put the time in and work which is good. The support outside of the direct course through the Facebook group etc is superb. I highly recommend this course."
Carwyn S
"Excellent Course!

The course is well sequenced and paced. The content delivered through videos and practice quizzes, as well as journaling exercises really helped me deepen my understanding of this information.

Julianna is an gifted and skillful teacher. This has been one of my favorite online learning experiences!"
Eliko O.
"First of all I want to thank you for this great course. I found it very clear and well structured. I can see how much work and effort there must have been involved to set up this training.
Thank you. It helped me a lot in gaining more clarity about the method and by such being able to integrate it my psychotherapeutic practice.

I am looking forward to the next level of teacher training. Best wishes from Germany!"
Natalie K.
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