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An Introduction to
Mindfulness and the Inner Work of Racial Justice
by Rhonda V. Magee
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Workshop Length:  4 hours
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Course Outline
  What is race and the racialized self?
  The role of mindfulness in understanding our experiences around race and identity
  Factors that contribute to the difficulties in addressing issues of race in mindfulness communities
  How mindfulness contributes to the attitudes and supports the actions necessary for racial justice work
  Colorinsight as a set of skills that allow us to turn toward racism and its role in our own lives
  How mindfulness allows us to hold the complexity and paradoxes of race in mind and at the same time, access a ground of inner psychological support
  How schemas create implicit bias that serve to keep racist stereotypes in place and the role of mindfulness in bringing greater awareness to these processes and supporting their deconstruction
  The practice of R.A.I.N. (Recognize, Accept, Investigate, Non-Identify) as a method of mindful inquiry into the subtle dynamics of race, racism, and other identity-based barriers to mental flexibility, interpersonal connection and growth at the personal, interpersonal and collective levels
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