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"This program does what I previously had thought was impossible: taking an extremely refined system that can be overwhelming for beginners, and crystallizing it into a simple yet profound introduction which could be a starting point for further investigation, or an entire lifelong practice in itself."
- Paul Rubell
Academy Award Nominated Film Editor
Have you ever been so caught up in the moment, you felt as if time stood still?  Like in the middle of a first kiss, or when you held your child for the first time.   

Maybe it happens during less extraordinary events, like watching the sunrise on a cloudless morning or while listening to your favorite song.

When it happens your attention is becomes so intensely focused in the moment, that everything else seems to fade away.  Suddenly, you sense that you're part of something bigger. 

You're energized. You feel profound happiness.

But did you know it is possible to have a similar experience by simply taking a sip of your morning coffee, or during your commute to work (yes, traffic jams and all )?

And you already have everything you need to do it inside you.

If you look carefully,  these peak experiences are always available to you, and you can develop your ability to discover them at any time throughout your day.

Once you know how to harness and focus your attention - to live fully "in-the-moment" - you can awaken  your innate ability for happiness, no matter what life throws your way.

The Unified Mindfulness CORE training program was created to show you how to put the pieces together so you can start your journey down the path toward a more enriched, fulfilled life.

What Exactly is Unified Mindfulness?
"Mindfulness is an unreasonably effective way
to increase human happiness."

- Shinzen Young
You've probably heard about mindfulness by now. It's a buzz-word that seems to be getting used everywhere these days.

Silicon Valley companies like Google, Facebook, Apple and Twitter have instituted mindfulness programs to help their employees be happier, healthier and more productive at work (and at home.)

Public school systems and universities are introducing mindfulness into their classrooms to help their students become more focused and engaged.

World-class athletes are using mindfulness to optimize their performance and manage pain.

The healthcare industry is turning to mindfulness to help speed recovery,  reduce stress,  battle addiction,  ease pain & suffering and help support psychotherapy.  

And that's just the tip of the iceberg...

But what exactly is Unified Mindfulness?

Developed over fifty years of practice and research by the renowned meditation teacher Shinzen Young, Unified Mindfulness is a simple, yet highly effective meditation system built for the modern world.

It brings together key elements of Eastern contemplative traditions and the technological, scientifically-based methodology of the West.

And Unified Mindfulness is a secular form of meditation, which means it is not religious in any way - so anyone, of any faith, can do it.

In short, it's the merging of the best of the East with the best of the West.
But although the Unified system is simple - it is extremely powerful. 

And one of its main strengths is its precision.

It's so precise and dependable in fact, that institutions like Harvard Medical School, Carnegie Mellon University and the University of Vermont use it as the basis for their research on meditation and its application in the neurosciences, psychology, clinical sciences.
"As far as my thoughts on the utility of Shinzen’s system in research goes, I always say that it offers an algorithmic approach to understanding the mind of the meditator that other systems of mindfulness and meditation do not. This makes mapping the meditative mind more feasible in a laboratory setting and provides an opportunity for a rigorous neurophenomenology.
- David Vago
Director, Contemplative Neuroscience and Integrative Medicine (CNIM) Laboratory 
Vanderbilt University Medical Center
Mindfulness is a set of skills that you can learn and develop.  

It's like a gym for your mind, and it can radically transform your life.
But if you're like most people, you're probably wondering...
So Where Do You Begin?
Ten minutes a day is all you need to quickly build a life-changing, daily mindfulness meditation practice. 

And if it's hard for you to find an extra ten minutes in your day, you're still in luck.  

Another one of the main strengths of the Unified Mindfulness system is that you can take it "off the cushion" and into your daily life.

And as your mindfulness practice deepens, you'll want to bring it into your daily activities to enhance your enjoyment when things are going well... and to help you deal with things more effectively when they aren't.

Ordinary activities like eating or brushing your teeth can become extraordinary events.

Coping with the constant pressures of our high-stress, modern lives can become much easier when you develop the tools to skillfully face them.
"Very Precise!  I really enjoyed how precise and in depth the course was. If I didn't understand something it was made clear after taking the quiz. Great system here, I'm definitely going to recommend this to my friends and carry on to the teaching course!"
- Stephen Anguiano
What is the CORE Training Program?
The interactive CORE training consists of 10 video-based lessons, each with its own self-paced quiz designed to test and reinforce what you've learned in each video.  It was built for people brand-new to meditation AND for highly experienced meditators who would like to explore the Unified Mindfulness system.  
"...Unified Mindfulness' strategies are both simple and therefore readily learnable, yet deeply transformative."
- Peter Marks
Executive Director
The Centre for Care Canada
If you're new to meditation, you'll find that it's straight-forward terminology and precise instructions make Unified Mindfulness easy to understand and just as easy to put into practice.

If you're an experienced meditator, you'll discover Unified Mindfulness's simple, yet highly flexible framework presents a vast array of technique options and strategies, which gives you the freedom to optimize your existing practice based on what works best for you.
"In my lab we study the effects of mindfulness meditation on stress and health, and we consistently turn toward using Shinzen’s Unified Mindfulness system in our studies for one simple reason, it works.

I personally have been using Unified Mindfulness techniques in my daily practice for several years, I find they are clear and powerful. This approach will change your life, try it and you will see."
- Dr. David Creswell 
Director of Health and Human Performance Laboratory
and Associate Professor of Psychology
 Carnegie Mellon University
Each lesson has its own group discussion area so you can interact with the Unified Mindfulness community to get answers to questions that may arise during your lesson.
Most people find guided meditations helpful, so once you've completed the ten CORE lessons, you'll put what you've learned into action with two guided meditations that you can download and use anytime, anywhere you want.

Finally, we've also included a special, advanced bonus lesson: "See, Hear, Feel" that will give you a fun and easy framework to use as the foundation of your own daily meditation practice.

The CORE training program has everything you need to put the pieces together and develop a life-long mindfulness meditation practice.
"Fantastic!  I consider myself as someone who is very familiar with this 'System' of mediation, and yet going through this course, I would find over and over again subtitles iI hadn't realized or gave proper emphasis on! 

 The whole course is laid out in a simple step by step format that covers such a vast amount of meditative/contemplative possibilities in a easily digestible format. 

Wonderful, I would (and already have) wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone who is interested in, or is already engaging in a meditative practice."
- Paul Chadwick
"This is Brilliant ! This was a great course! Julianna teaches in a way that simplifies the practice and makes it accessible. Thank You!"
- Karen Stevens
The CORE training program is 100% FREE.  No strings attached. 

So take ten minutes a day to see for yourself how a daily meditation practice can enrich and enhance your life.

And please feel free to share this page and this training with friends, family, co-workers - anyone you think would like to live a happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.

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"What a great resource for new or experienced meditators. I really appreciate that you've made this available for free.   I look forward to continuing to use these practices to stir my awakening.   Thank you."
- Travis Cook
Why is this Free? is the online hub for the Unified Mindfulness community.

We are a wonderfully diverse group of people of all ages and backgrounds from across the planet.  

Our own mindfulness practices have profoundly changed our lives and freed our energy to serve others, so we are motivated to introduce mindfulness to anyone interested.

So whether you're learning about it for the first time or you're expanding your knowledge - try the CORE training and decide for yourself how it can have a meaningful impact in your life.
"A Great Beginning or an Excellent Deepening.  I'd recommend this course for new and experienced meditators alike.

It's a great simple primer to a variety of concepts and techniques around mindfulness, and also has a depth and sophistication and different viewpoint that may also be of interest to more experienced meditators."
- Adam Jones is also the official teacher training organization for Shinzen Young and Unified Mindfulness.

In other words...we train mindfulness coaches and teachers.

As the saying goes: "If you want to master something, teach it."

So as your mindfulness practice grows, you may discover that the best way for you to deepen your own practice is by teaching others how to start theirs.

We're here to show you how to skillfully do just that.

Regardless of where your own journey takes you, we're glad you're here and we welcome you the to Unified Mindfulness community.

In gratitude,
Julianna Raye
Co-Founder & CEO |
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"This course stands out.  This is an amazing course. I've been meditating and reading/watching/listening to other various instructions for 3ish years now, and this one stands out the most. I highly recommend it."
- Wesley Ivie
"Fabulous Course.  Love how Julianna is so clear and concise. Since Shinzen was my teacher when I was in the ministry in the early 1980's, I didn't think anyone could teach his method...and I started the course hopeful, but also skeptical. I was so happy after completing it...and have sent the link for friends and clients to take the course as well.   
I am now half way through the teacher course...and also  loving it. I am teaching a corporate class at the same I really appreciated both courses. After years of teaching Mindfulness classes, I deeply appreciate Unified Mindfulness courses to help me become a better teacher."
- Janet Jackson
"Absolutely love it!  I've been searching for a meditation practice that suits me since I was 16! It's been a long journey, 25 years, but I finally found what I've been looking for. This practice is so beautiful and simple, but so profound, with such deep insights. I can feel how powerful it is already and I've only just begun. Thank you so much Shinzen and Julianna for your wonderful work!"
- Julie-Anne Graham
"Great course!  I'm psychotherapist looking for mindfulness intro for my clients. I thought this was really good!"
- Paul Brennan
" I really find this course so useful, I have been a follower of Shinzen for some years and I think his work is so clear and precise I cannot find any fault. I like the way this course is presented the content is great and the discussion group useful. "
- Pamela Robinson
"Clear, condensed wisdom of mindfulness. I loved the clarity and flexibility of this experience and approach to mindfulness. I have been drawn to many Shinzen Young teachings and this is no exception. Neatly defines mindfulness, experience and gives some brief and powerful practices that can be used both in formal practice and throughout the day. "
-  Jeff Catania
"Exactly What I Needed.  Thank you so much. I've been meditating on and off for a lot of years now, and following Shinzen's teachings (also on and off) for a few years. Having the ideas broken down into bite sized, consistent chunks really got me excited about and committed to developing a regular, consistent meditation practice."
-  Lyman Reed
"Fantastic!  I'm more excited about this system than any I've tried so far. So much flexibility, so much ability to take it "off the cushion," and such a well-designed and friendly format for an intro to the system.  Awesome."
-  Patrick Mohr
"Excellent! Unified Core Training Program - I have been a long time mindfulness meditator. This course has been very valuable in helping me understand mindful awareness in new ways and further my develop skills. I highly recommend it!"
-  Robert McClure
"Thank you! This course is a solid introduction that I recommended to a friend who is beginning meditation. Great work!"
- Sven Lorenzen
"CORE: Clever, Original, Rigorous, Engaging - I am really grateful to Julianna Raye for creating and sharing this wonderful program with the world!!! The CORE program is a great introduction to Shinzen Young's system and I am really pleased with his framework, which I found to be Clever, Original, Rigorous, and Engaging. I have learnt a new way of looking at my experience during this training and I am really keen to continue exploring this extraordinary path. Thanks/metta to Julianna again and congratulations/metta to Shinzen Young for developing "Unified Mindfulness."
- Antonio Pinon
"Fantastic resource - I would like to say a big thank you to providing this amazing free resource. It has personally helped me redefine my practice. In particular, I was really impressed by the simplicity and effectiveness of the teaching methods and content provided. The way the visuals and presentations were laid out and explained really helped the information "stick" with me. I've since been able to be much more effective and motivated to continue with regular daily practice, as well as being able integrate the techniques to my daily life 'off the cushion.'" 
- Tom Hames
"Great Program.  Very clear, the teachings on equanimity and "gone" were both illuminating for me."
- Orion Kooistra
"Terrific!  The best online program in mindfulness that I have come across. A must-do for folks keen on mindfulness."
- Deepak Iyer
"Love the program! Thanks for this program! it is so helpful to see the importance of the tool the power of concentration! now I can enjoy everything in a much deeper level!"
- Annabella Muller
"Brilliant! Thank you! The Unified CORE Training Program is excellent. I really enjoyed the program - many thanks for making it available and accessible to all!"
- Caroline Morris
"Absolutely Great Thanks & Blessings!!"
- Lee Petersen
"Simple Starter - Really wonderful! Amazing how good this is for not being time consuming. I would recommend this to anyone interested in mindfulness meditation when time is an issue and even when it's not."
- Erica Bona
"Very good structure and animations that makes things very clear"
- Hans Wöhrman
"It is really the best course I have followed and say that as a practitioner of Vipassana and Zen and being a teacher without charge (it is my way of helping others) It is so good that I thank you very much and congratulate you for that great contribution to training people freely in mindfulness practice. 

I would like to have the possibility of downloading the course to translate it into Spanish (I live in Spain) to share it with people I know have the intention of practicing mindfulness. This would be a very good gift. 

Thank you very much and congratulations."
- Manuel Burque
"This is very very useful. I could never have imagined something so simple, subtle, precise and flexible. I have used different techniques over time from counting the breaths, to Vipassana as taught by Goenke.

The lovely thing about this course is that it helps and does not hinder other courses i have previously done.

Cognitively it is fascinating just as Vipassana is. But, as Juliana notes, one does not need to form a guilt relation with the practice as can happen with Vipassana.

Anyway, I loved it and I am beginning to link it more and more with everyday life.
It has given me a sense of ambition with meditation, and a feeling that with work I really can change things in my life, and in the lives of others too, for the better.
On the basis of the core program I am embarking on the longer training program with Julianna and Danny.

Many thanks for helping me to do all this!"

- Charlie Bulbeck
"Sharing information as valuable as this is what the internet was created for. You are modern day bodhisattvas: "those that do not aspire to enlightenment purely to free themselves from suffering; they do so out of compassion in order to liberate other sentient beings". 

I hope that you reach around the planet and that this teaching becomes general knowledge. People of all religions will find their faith revitalized if they practice these teachings. Thank you Julianna, for an excellent presentation of your knowledge and to Shinzen for the creation of such a simple but profound way to practice."
- Angel Puente
"This course exceeded my expectations! I've taken several other courses online, and this one nails it in some key areas:

1. Dashboard - The dashboard is clearly laid out, pleasing to the eye, uncluttered and easy to understand and navigate. 

2. Videos - The animations and audio are clear and crisp throughout, with consistent quality from 1st chapter to the last. Julianna's pacing and intonation is easy to follow, pleasant, and holds my interest. Each one is packed with information and clear, concise explanations that are accompanied by text. For me this is visual reinforcement of what I'm hearing. 

3. Quizzes - The quizzes drill you in each chapter immediately after each video lesson. Imaginative questions or scenarios invite you to think deeply about each question, and discourage rushed answers. Also, subtle variations in terminology or questions could trip you up if you read quickly. Comprehension of each lesson is thoroughly tested. 

4. Discussion/Q&A Area - There is a discussion/Q&A area in each chapter, which keeps the discussion focused on the topics relevant to the chapter. Julianna, who is the moderator, addresses comments and questions in a timely manner and with warmth, friendliness, and encouragement. 

Although I have completed the course, I've found it that it contains enough depth and interesting information to review again and again. Also, as I delve into a daily practice, I anticipate returning to the discussion areas that are related to any observations, challenges, or questions that may arise. 

In conclusion, I'm so psyched that this course is online, and that I'm fortunate enough to have discovered it! I anticipate using the system in various ways, experimenting with a spirit of exploration and I look forward to additional courses in the Unified Mindfulness Teacher Training System."

- Tina Aruta
How long does it take to get started?
You get instant access to the full CORE training program as you create your free profile!
Do you send me DVD's in the mail?
No.  This is an interactive training program with self-paced quizzes, so it is hosted on our own online learning platform.  And by creating a 100% digitally-delivered training program, we are able to offer it to you for free.
 I'm so busy; can I really meditate in just 10 minutes a day?
Yes, you can form a deep and powerful meditation practice in just ten minutes a day.  And as you develop your practice, you may find that your life seems less hurried and chaotic, which could free up more of your time to devote to things that further enrich your life.
Does meditation really work to make me happier and healthier?
Numerous studies have proven the effectiveness of Unified Mindfulness to reduce stress, lower blood pressure,  lower the risk of heart attack, improve focus, help overcome depression, boost creativity, improve performance, cultivate healthy habits which lead to weight loss and even physically increase the size of your brain (seriously!)  
 I've tried to meditate before and quit.  Why is this program different?
It can be frustrating to try to develop new, positive habits. What makes the Unified system unique is that it is simple,   highly effective. Each of the 10 CORE lessons is designed to quickly develop a core aspect of mindfulness meditation while incorporating & enhancing the previous lessons into your practice. All you need is sincere desire to try.
 Isn’t meditation just about learning how to relax?
Relaxation techniques form the basis of one style of practice. Meditation is also an excellent way to tap into your creative resources, energy and insight as well as improving your focus and productivity.
 Isn’t meditation a religious practice?
Mindfulness is a secular or non-religious practice. It’s an all-inclusive approach to meditation enabling everyone, with all beliefs, to benefit from practice. Mindfulness empowers you to develop clarity and insight through your own direct experience.
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